Advantages of New Zealand wool

All Ryalux ranges are made using New Zealand wool, which is recognised as the world’s purest and whitest wool. Combining New Zealand wools many advantages, with our years of carpet making tradition ensures we produce only the finest of carpets.

Clarity of Colour - New Zealand wools purity and whiteness ensures we can achieve lighter, more delicate shades. Indeed all our colours are vibrant and clean because New Zealand wool does not contain black fibre as found in other wools.

Luxurious Comfort - there is nothing quite like the feeling of a New Zealand wool carpet underfoot. Soft and comforting, it makes any room feel more comfortable and welcoming. New Zealand wool carpets are also natural temperature regulators, helping keep you warm in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

Easy Care - New Zealand wool has natural “easy care” properties, which means that dust and dirt are held within its pile until they are removed, simply by vacuuming.

Resilience & Hardwearing - New Zealand wool is naturally tough because it has developed over thousands of years to protect Sheep from the harshest of conditions. Its natural resilience means it "bounces back", reducing flattening and keeping its good looks for longer.

Naturally Safe & Healthy - New Zealand wool carpet is allergy friendly and asthma safe. Unlike hard flooring and synthetic carpet, it traps allergens in its pile, protecting you from breathing them in, which are then removed simply by vacuuming. New Zealand wools are a sustainable natural resource, therefore renewable, biodegradable and recyclable.

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