Stain Removal Guide

Tackling spillages

No matter how hard we try to look after our carpet, accidents happen. Spilling something on a carpet may not necessary ruin its appearance, especially if the following steps are followed

  • Act immediately.
  • Do not rub or scrub at the carpet.
  • For liquid spillages blot or dab up liquid using a clean absorbent cloth before taking further action.
  • For solids scoop as much up as you can with a spoon or palette knife before taking further action.
  • Always work from the outside to the centre of the affected area to avoid spreading the spillage further.
  • Using an appropriate cleaning detergent for the offending substance, gently blot the area until the stain has disappeared.
  • Do not walk on the affected area until completely dry. Once dry vacuum immediately.

Should the above stain not disappear by the above steps then don’t panic, a professional carpet cleaner may still be able to help. A list of cleaners in your area approved by the National Carpet Cleaners Association may be obtained by visiting their website: