Premium Stain Protection

RYAGUARD® is a premium stain protection treatment, which protects your carpet against everday soiling and spillages.

RYAGUARD®, which is exclusive to Ryalux, is applied to your carpet during the manufacturing to create an invisible protective shield over your carpet.

RYAGUARD® continues to protect your carpet, even after you have had your carpet professionally cleaned, and should provide protection for 5 years, subject to normal/reasonable use.

RYAGUARD® works by protecting your carpet from most water and oil based spillages by repelling the liquid for longer, allowing you time to remove the spillage.

RYAGUARD® is completely safe to humans and animals, and the environment.

There are some stains that even RYAGUARD® cannot protect against, so it is important you act quickly. For help in how to best tackle spillages and stains, please read our STAIN REMOVAL advice.