Premium Mothproof Protection

RYAPROTECT® is a premium mothproof protection, which protects your carpet against moths and other wool eating insects.

RYAPROTECT®, which is exclusive to Ryalux, is applied to your carpet during the manufacturing process to create a permanent bond to protect your carpet against moths and other wool eating insects.

RYAPROTECT® works by using the same techniques as Mother Nature uses to protect herself from insects. Flowers such as chrysanthemums contain a natural insect repellent, which we have synthesized to create RYAPROTECT®. The ingredients used in RYAPROTECT® are completely safe to humans and animals, and are the same ingredients that are used world wide to protect crops such as fruit and vegetables.

RYAPROTECT® works by making the wool in your carpet indigestible by moths and wool eating insects causing them to starve.

RYAPROTECT® is environmentally-friendly, and its ingredients are endorsed for use by the World Health Organization.


In the unlikely event that your carpet is damaged by moths, once your claim is validated, we will either repair or replace your carpet.

Simply notify the company you purchased your carpet from, who will in turn contact us with their proof of purchase to register your claim. We will then arrange, at your convenience, to inspect the carpet to validate your claim, and determine whether the carpet can be repaired, or replaced. If the carpet can be repaired, our trained experts will do so. If we are unable to repair your carpet, we will replace your carpet. In return, all we ask in order to ensure your warranty remains valid, that you correctly maintain your carpet, by regularly vacuuming (at least twice per week), and you have your carpet professionally cleaned (NCCA registered) at least every 18 months.

For a copy of the full terms and conditions please contact your Ryalux retailer or email us at A full RYAPROTECT® datasheet is also available upon request.