Best Carpet For Cats (4 Types)

I have two little fur-babies myself, so I am no stranger to the plight of the Great Battle of Cat vs Carpet. It is a war that has raged on for many centuries. It all started so long ago, no one really remembers how it began.

Best Carpet For Cats (4 Types)

And let me tell you this, far too many carpet casualties have resulted in my home from such a furious feud. I don’t know exactly what my beautiful and costly carpets have done or said to warrant such wrath.

But the cats definitely seemed to be winning. Each room with carpet had been scratched, tugged, ripped, and ruined. It was so frustrating. 

I had all the stretching posts, all the toys, the distractions. And nope. Nothing. Until one day, I changed my carpets to something that not even the claws of my kitty’s seemed to be able to damage. My new carpet – 1. Cat’s – 0. 

If you’ve got cats, and you are desperate to keep your carpet looking pristine and perfect, then you’re going to want to opt for one of the following materials: polyester, nylon, berber, or frieze.

All of these are stain-resistant (even the most well-behaved kitties have an accident from time to time) and more importantly – they’re claw-proof. And thankfully, they’re surprisingly inexpensive too! 

4 Best Cat Carpets

Carpet consideration must be taken much more seriously when you have feline friends frolicking around your home. For example, picking looped carpets is a big no-no, think flashing red lights and warning bells.

Not good. Looped carpets are perfect for your cat to snag, scratch, and pull, but aren’t great for any pawrent that wants a neat and tidy home. 

You’re going to want a material that is going to be stain-proof and claw-proof. Most cats will spit up, go wee wee’s, or even the dreaded number 2 on your carpet from time to time. Accidents happen. Our babies get poorly.

While you can clear all of that away, you also want to be sure that there isn’t a stubborn stain left behind. And then, we know how pesky cats and those claws can be. Claw-proof carpets are a no-brainer really. 

Hydrophobic Carpet From Polyester

This synthetic carpet is always a smash hit with cat pawrents since the material quite literally repels liquid. This is perfect because it helps you to avoid stains which can be all too common with cats. 

Quite a few carpets are now treated for stain resistance. Some of them are solution-dyed, and what this means is that rather than the color just being on the surface, it fully penetrates the fiber. Solution-dying is a really effective way to keep your carpet stain protected. 

A solution-dyed polyester fiber carpet is a perfect option for owners of cats. It won’t get damaged by your pets, nie and softt, and isn’t even that expensive.

And what’s great is that it is also envriomentally friendly since it is typically made from recycled materials such as plastic bottles. 

Wear-Resistant Carpet From Nylon

Now, I’ll rip the bandaid off straight away; nylon fiber is expensive. In fact, it’ll cost you more than any other synthetic carpet on the market.

I’ll hold my hands up to this one, it won’t be for everyone, but it may soften the blow to know that it is still much cheaper than wool carpet  (You might want to check out How To Clean A Wool Rug) prices. 

But this carpet is the perfect example of you get what you pay for. It is well known for being one of the most durable synthetic carpets on the market, so it will be a fierce competitor against those catclaws. Your carpet will definitely win that battle. 

Now in terms of stain protection, nylon fiber could be a lot better. However, treated nylon is a stain protection dream. If you have treated nylon as your carpet material, then you won’t have to live with constant reminders of the last time your little kitty couldn’t quite make it to the litter. 

If being eco-freindly is important to you, you’ll also be happy to learn that nylon carpets are becoming increasingly more recyclable. They are made from old worn-out carpets or other recycled materials. 

Cost-Effective & Stain-Resistant Berber Carpet

I know what you’re probably thinking. Berber carpet has loops? The dreaded loops, the very things I told you to associate with warning bells and red flashing lights.

Well, every rule has its exceptions, right? Berber carpet does have loops, but they are very tight. The quality of thee material is also so good and strong that claws can’t really snag it.

Your cat will have to have been sneaking off and  putting some serious hours in at the gym when your let them out to have found the force to unravel these loops. 

This is a great carpet option because it has everything that you’re really looking for in a cat-friendly carpet. It’s stain resistant, it can’t snag, it’s durable, and it’s fairly cheap. 

Easy To Maintain Carpet From Frieze

You may have heard this type of carpet be referred to as the twist. This carpet is good for hiding dirt, stains, and grime. The thick, twisted, ,and curly fibers of the carpet help to conceal anything, shall we say undesirable. 

As far as carpets go, it’s pretty low-maintance and it’s pretty durable. It’s a good option for those with stubborn cats who just refuse to stop scratching the carpet. Scarching these strands won’t cause any major issues since they can’t snag it or pul out whole threads. 

Why Do Cats Enjoy Scratching Your Carpet So Much?

Why Do Cats Enjoy Scratching Your Carpet So Much

You may be wondering whether your kitty has some personal vendetta against your carpet, or even you, since all that damage comes out of your pocket. Because one thing is for sure, cats love to scratch and snag at them all the time. 

But there is actual a reason why they do this. In face, there’s several. The first reason is just a matter of instinct really. You cat likes to sharpen their claws and your carpet is the perfect place to do so. The second reason, contrary to what some may have you believe, is that cats can be pretty needy.

If they feel like your not giving them the love and affection that they so obviously deserve, they’ll do something to draw your attention to them. Snagging your carpet is one of the ways they’ll do this.

And lastly, sometimes cats will use scratching as a form of communication. So try and pay attention to what they’re doing, as they may be trying to let you know something. 

How To Save The Carpet From Cat Claws

The very first thing you need to do is accept that cats will scratch. There’s no way to erradicate that behaviour, and so you need to focus on redirecting it. That beautiful carpet of yours will be ruined if you don’t have a scratching post available for your kitty to claw at. 

You’ll also need to spend the time creating a designated play area for your little one. Having a zone where they know it is okay to play means that you can contain the damage to one area.

You’ll need to fill it full of alternative activities for them – lots of toys and interactive items. You should also spend some specific play time with them. 

Final Thoughts

Protecting your carpet from your kitty cat is a universal experience for any cat owner, so don’t worry you’re not alone. And now, you know the secrets to beat those cat claws and give your carpet the advantage in that particular battle. 

You just need a claw-proof carpet that is fairly stain resistant. Then you’re on your way to a scratch and stain free carpet (You might want to check out How To Get Ink Out Of Carpet). Of course, don’t just rely on the material of your carpet.

Always ensure that you have fresh and clean litter available (one litter per cat) to reduce the likelihood of accidents. Then ensure you have a designated play area to contain the damage to one area. And never ever underestimate the usefulness of a great scratching post. 

And that’s all from me, I wish you luck with your redecorating and hope you find the perfect carpet for your home. And, of course, I wish you well and hope that this advice helps end the Great Battle of Cat vs Carpet.

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