What Are Carpet Remnants And What Can You Do With Them? 

Carpet remnants are pieces of carpet leftover from larger rolls that were made to order or were not sold in time. If you’re looking for a new carpet, then it’s worth considering using remnants. A quick search reveals savings of up to 80% on the price per square foot. The great thing about remnants is that they can be used in many different situations, saving you time and money. Let’s look at some of the top ways to use carpet remnants in your home. 

Top Uses of Carpet Remnants:


Remnants are perfect for stairways because they often come in long strips. This makes them ideal for covering steps, no matter how many there are. To ensure your steps last longer, it’s also recommended to add a non-skid backing or a stair tread to each step. This will prevent slips and falls while also making the stairs look better finished. 

Small Rooms 

Carpet remnants can be ideal for small or oddly shaped rooms. Since they come in various sizes, it can be far more cost effective to find one that fits. And since remnants are cheaper than buying an entire roll of carpeting, you’ll still be able to stick within your budget when redecorating smaller spaces.  

Testing New Colors & Styles

Before committing spending on a new carpet, buy some carpet remnants in different colors and materials to figure out what suits different rooms. This is especially useful in rooms with a lot of natural light, or rooms with very little. Simple lay the carpet remnant down and decide if it helps lighten a dark space or tone down a very light room.


If you’re not interested in completely redoing your floors but still want something new, then why not use a remnant as an accent? You can cut it into various shapes like circles or triangles and place them around your room as decorations—the possibilities are endless! Even using just one remnant can give any space an instant facelift without breaking the bank; plus, since remnants don’t require installation like regular carpets do, it’s easier than ever to get creative with them!

Area Rugs

The most common use for carpet remnants is in the creation of an area rug. If you have a room with hardwood floors, adding an area rug is a great way to cozy it up while also providing sound insulation. And if you need a custom size that isn’t readily available, buying two or more remnants is often cheaper than having one piece cut from a larger roll. Just make sure your measurements are accurate before buying the pieces!  


Sometimes in older houses, the inside of wardrobes will have either no carpet or a mismatched carpet. Use paper to create a template outline of the shape and use this to cut around the carpet remnant to finish off the inside of your wardrobes.

Craft Projects

Another popular use for carpet remnants is craft projects. If you want to add some texture to your art project, using remnant pieces can make it easier and more affordable than purchasing fabric by the yard. You can also use remnant pieces for home decor items like wall hangings.

Stair Runners

Finally, if you’re looking for something more functional, carpet remnants are great for stair runners.

What can I do with leftover carpet and off cuts after installation?

If you’re planning to re-carpet a room yourself, you will be left with some offcuts. These can also be put to good use. Depending on size these off cuts can be used for the following:

  • Pad underneath furniture legs – This will protect the floor from indents and act as additional cushioning where it’s needed.
  • Welcome mat or rug in entrance/exits – Simply cut to fit over the existing carpet in high traffic areas like entrances and exits and this will protect the carpet underneath from getting dirty and worn.
  • A long thin strip of carpet off cut can also be great to use as a draught excluder / draft guard
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