The 22 Best Carpet Knives You Need to Know About 

The 22 Best Carpet Knives You Need to Know About

If you choose the right one, these specialized tools can save you a LOT of time and hassle, but if you’ve never used one before, where do you start looking?

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a new carpet knife to help with your next project, how do you find a model worth upgrading to? 

Well, you can leave the heavy lifting to us.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the 22 best carpet knives: tough cutting edges, perfectly angled and reasonably priced, we’ve got something to suit every project. 

Best Carpet Knives


First on our list of options is the Goldblatt Linoleum Carpet Knife. 

This high-quality, stainless steel knife boasts a comfy soft-grip handle, a serrated blade for quick carpet cutting, a hanging hole for easy storage, and more.

This may be advertised as a carpet knife, but thanks to its professional-grade linoleum knife, it can be used for so much more, including flooring, vinyl, asphalt roofing, and other tough materials. 

Its hook-knife design is handy and powerful, making it an exceptional tool for most cutting projects - even the intense ones!

It has a total length of 8-7 / 8 inches and a weight of 120 grams, making it easy to hold for long periods. 

If you’ve spent the day trimming thick carpet, you won’t have to worry about the need to sharpen your knife regularly.

This knife reaches HRC55 for a super tough, super durable cut every time. 

We found this carpet knife great for trimming off excess carpet and flooring, and we even found it worked wonders on small pruning tasks! 


Next up, we have the XW folding carpet knife. 

If you like your tools to be powerful and compact, this is one knife you’ll want in your toolbox.

Despite being small, the XW folding carpet knife packs a LOT of features, and power, into its modest frame. 

This knife is 159mm/6.3inches in length, with a vertical measurement of 37mm by 1.5inch.

What we love the most about this knife is its lock-back design - simply pull the yellow slider backward to extract or retract your knife.

This makes your knife safe and convenient to carry, minimizing your risk of injury. 

It even features a bonus plastic cap to secure your blades even further, especially when folding your knife.

As an added bonus, you’ll even get an extra five blades so you can refill with ease when they’ve worn thin.

If you’re regularly tackling tough tasks, this makes the XW a convenient, cost-effective investment! 

Although the handle offers an anti-slip grip (which is definitely true), we didn’t find it the most comfortable knife to hold.

If you’re using this for long periods, we’d recommend wearing gloves to avoid blistering. 


The lichamp heavy-duty utility knife is perfect for both experienced and inexperienced DIYers. 

If you want to make your money go further, this pack comes with two knives and 16 razor blades - let’s be honest, there aren’t many companies offering such a great deal!

This multipurpose knife can handle some pretty tough materials (carpet included), making it a great tool for professionals or home DIYers.

This utility knife is beautifully weighted, which provides excellent grip, especially when paired with its rubber handles.

It also comes with a quick blade change mechanism, which makes it easier to change blades on the job.

The blade is also self-retracting, making it great for quick jobs and longer ones. 

We found the lichamps reinforced blades ideal for most DIY projects, but they did a great job slicing through our excess carpet with ease.

It also features extra blade storage in the handle, which we really appreciated when we needed to switch our blades on the job! 


Okay, we know what you’re thinking… scissors? Well, these all-purpose scissors from Stedi are more than just scissors. 

Their revolutionary design sets them apart from most other competitors on the market, and in a practical sense, the scissor design makes it easy to cut through all sorts of materials, from carpet and leather, to iron and thick cardboard. 

These Stedi scissors feature small serrations on their blades to help cut through tough materials, and with a designated turning space at the end of the blades, you’ll have much better control when cutting at all angles, even curves! 

Their shear-like blades are made with high-quality stainless steel, which is powerful and durable and can resist water damage and corrosion.

Their TPR, ergonomically designed handle also makes these incredibly comfortable to use, even for long periods. 

Although these aren’t your traditional carpet knife, they do the job just as efficiently.

However, these aren’t as effective at trimming flat edges of carpet. 


Next up, we have the Crain 217 razor carpet knife.

This particular model has received plenty of top ratings and reviews, so don’t be deterred by its unusual design! 

Although the blades must be purchased separately, each blade can be stored inside the device itself, and you won’t have to change them often.

Just one small blade was enough to cut through thick carpet and padding without any hassle! 

This carpet knife features a unique, wide body with a hooked handle to offer a more secure, comfortable grip.

Although it’s small, this knife is cleverly designed, and if you’re wondering where that internal blade storage is, you’ll find it hidden right inside the knife!

Simply twist open, and you’ll find all your replacement blades in one place. 

This carpet knife is 9.25 x 3.25 x 1 inch, and we recommend it for anyone who wants a more comfortable, convenient knife to trim their carpet. 


Stanley is one of the biggest names in the knife business, so of course, we had to review one of their very own models - the Stanley retractable carpet knife. 

Stanley is a popular choice because its blades last longer and can cut through even the toughest of materials.

Preferred by contractors and home DIYers alike, whatever the job, you can rest assured that it’ll be done right with a Stanley! 

This particular model (10-525) is super small and convenient, and in terms of design, it’s incredibly similar to the Crain 217.

With a 6-½ inch handle length, a retractable blade, an angled handle, and internal blade storage, this is a convenient knife for people who like to keep their tools simple. 

The internal blade holing can store up to ten regular blades, and your Stanley will work with most regular and heavy-duty carpet blades, giving you much greater choice when it comes to replacing your worn blades.

As with most Stanley products, you’ll also get a limited lifetime warranty, so you know right off the bat that you’re using a product that was built to last. 

We found the angled handle and retractable blades made it much easier for us to cut thicker carpet (especially on angled corners), and although the handle doesn’t offer any soft-grip technology, it was still comfortable to handle, even for longer periods. 


Next up, we have this 2 pack of retractable blades by DIYself.

If you’re not bothered about using big-name brands and want a reliable tool that offers great value for money, then these knives may be a great choice for you. 

As you’ve probably gathered, these heavy-duty knives come in a two-pack, so you’ll always have a spare knife to hand when you need it.

Each knife is just shy of 6 inches long, making it comfortable to handle and easy to store. 

Its SK-5 steel blades are super sharp and super secure, however, changing the blade isn’t as simple as it is with other models.

You’ll have to physically unscrew the blade from the unit, but if this doesn’t bother you, these knives are ideal!

You can also change the length of the blade with a simple sliding mechanism on the side of the knife, making it a durable and convenient tool for most cutting tasks. 

Simple, attractive, and convenient, these knives are great value for money, and their razor blades are so sharp that you’ll have no issues cutting through even the toughest of materials. 


If you’re willing to pay a little more for your new carpet knife, check out this multipurpose utility knife from Orcon. 

This knife is a convenient little cutter (literally, it’s 6 x 2 x 1 inches!) and ergonomically designed for a comfortable cutting experience.

The Orcon utility knife is the perfect descriptor of small and mighty.

Made from pure stainless steel, this knife can withstand the toughest of tasks and the harshest of weather - you’ll truly be making an investment for life. 

Although the blades for the Orcon are sold separately, they’re easy to install and produces no movement whatsoever when using them.

However, we did notice a slight ‘rattle’ inside the knife when we were using it, but this was nothing that a few minor adjustments couldn’t fix. 

Unlike other models, you won’t be able to retract your blade.

However, if this isn’t an issue for you, the Orcon utility knife is a worthwhile investment for every carpenter or home DIYer.

We found that the nose arch is just right for cutting, and with just one blade impression, you can set your blade as far out as you like - perfect for more difficult cuts! 


This CHILI tools linoleum knife may look more like a pirate's hook hand than a carpet knife, but trust us, this one is well worth the investment. 

This model benefits from hardened SK-5 steel blades - in other words, you’re getting a super sharp, super efficient cut every time.

It also features a comfy, ergonomic handle to make tougher tasks less taxing on the hands, and its hooked edge makes it perfect for cutting all sorts of materials, from carpet and vinyl to wallpaper and cardboard. 

Of course, like other traditional carpet knives, you can’t change the blade on this one, so you’ll be in charge of the sharpening.

Although this takes a little extra work, it makes the CHILI tools linoleum knife a more cost-effective investment for your future.

Plus, its blade is so well made that you can sharpen this knife time and time again and still get a crisp, clean cut every time. 

Although this knife is pretty cheap, it definitely doesn’t feel it.

So, whatever your task and experience, we’d recommend the CHILI tools linoleum knife to anyone looking for a convenient, reliable, and long-lasting tool for their toolkit! 


Shark knife - sounds pretty cool, right?

As the name suggests, this knife does indeed resemble a shark.

This isn’t just for effect - this knife's curved tips and handles give it a longer handle and a much more ergonomic design, so you can stay comfortable and precise when cutting materials for long periods. 

This heavy-duty shark knife comes with a generous ten replacement blades and a holster and belt clip so you can store your knife on the go.

Its large thumb wheel means you can retract your knife with just one swift movement, and its blades are so strong that you can use them to cut through your carpet, as well as vinyl, drywall, and other harsh roofing materials. 

This popular fitters tool is also compatible with most utility and hook blades, giving you a huge amount of choice when it comes to replacement blades.

Let’s also not forget about its magnetic blade holder, which makes it super easy to store and lock your knife.

The Cutterex shark knife is attractive, powerful, and ergonomic, and we’d have no issues recommending it to anyone who needs another reliable carpet knife to add to their toolset! 


Dewalt - they may be most famous for their power tools, but their smaller tools are well worth the investment, too.

This premium retractable knife boasts that classic yellow and black Dewalt coloring with a simple, ergonomic design that’s built to last. 

Like all good retractable knives, the Dewalt premium features a sturdy quick-release button that can retract your knife, and your knife will come with three replacement blades to keep you ticking over.

Changing blades can be handled with just a few swift motions, and with its own storage compartment, it's easy to store your blades and keep them on hand when you need them. 

Although there’s no denying that this product is built to last, we did find that the blade release button could be tricky to use.

If you’re not careful, it’s also easy to knock the blade release when using the knife, so take extra care when you’re cutting. 


Next up, we have the Sheffield lock-back utility knife.

This knife boasts an attractive and comfortable design that’s built to be efficient and ergonomically friendly. 

Its textured grip handle is a feature that we don’t see on many other utility knives, and with a weight of just 4 ounces, you won’t have to carry around something weighty and heavy-duty to produce quality, concise cuts. 

Its simple one-hand opening mechanism makes it easy to retract your knife when it’s needed, and this also means that it can be stored away safely without the risk of injuring yourself on the blade.

Each blade is super sharp and efficient, and this knife has no issues cutting through all sorts of tough materials, from carpet and PVC to sheetrock and leather.

Its blades are snug and tight, and this knife goes to show that you don’t have to break the bank to invest in a quality, multipurpose utility knife!  


Now, let’s take a look at the personna retractable carpet knife. 

This knife features the ergonomic and timeless design we see on most retractable knives - a thick gripped base and a slightly angled head.

Not only is this comfortable to hold, but it can also help you make more accurate cuts. 

This knife comes with five replacement blades, and each one remains sharp and concise, even after several thick cuts.

We also love the D-Ring mechanism featured on this knife, which holds your blade securely in place, and makes your knife easier to carry. 

Its aluminum body is built to last, and its quick-release button works perfectly every time.

Sometimes, the simplest products are the best.

Although there are no fancy, stand-out features on this retractable carpet knife, its blades are strong enough to do the job - and that’s exactly what we need! 


If you need another quality carpet knife that can also be used as a multipurpose tool, let us introduce you to the Rexbeti heavy-duty utility knife. 

This product has received some pretty great reviews, so of course, we had to put it to the test ourselves. 

First off, let’s talk about value for money - these knives come in a four pack, PLUS you’ll get ten extra blades - so, if you want some extra peace of mind, you’re bound to get it with Rexbeti.

These also come in a multicolored pack, so if you want a little variety, this is a great bonus. 

Their simple, ergonomic design makes them perfect for hobby and DIY projects, and although they look pretty simple, they don’t compromise on quality.

Their long handles provide a comfortable grip, and each blade is made with reliable SK5 material.

Its hooked blades also do a great job at protecting the surfaces beneath your carpet, so you won’t have to worry about damaging your flooring, even when you’re doing thick cuts. 

Although you’ll get five replacement blades, you won’t need to change them regularly.

These blades can cut through most carpet, fabric, and roofing materials precisely and safely.

Plus, they offer great value for money - what more could you want? 


Now, allow us to introduce you to the WORKPRO quick-change utility knife. 

First off, we were very impressed with the design of this knife.

It boasts an attractive rosewood and alloy steel design for a comfortable, practical finish. 

This utility knife also features a simple quick-change mechanism, a reliable back lock to secure your blade when opening or closing it, a convenient belt clip, and a super sharp blade that can cut through even the toughest of materials, including drywall, PVC, carpet, and hard plastic. 

Its razor-sharp blades are incredibly safe to use, and thanks to its thoughtful design, you won’t have to worry about the blade slipping during use. 

This is a great multipurpose tool to add to your box if you’re looking for an attractive and practical utility knife. 


We love any tools that offer great value for money without compromising on quality.

That’s why we’ve included the KATA 2-pack heavy-duty utility knife on our list! 

For a pretty modest price tag, you’ll get two heavy-duty knives with a practical and ergonomic design, plus ten extra blades to get you ready for any job! 

The KATA heavy-duty knives are made from aluminum alloy and feature reliable TPR handles for non-slip control and a comfortable grip to reduce fatigue.

You can also store up to three blades in the knife handle, and with just the click of a button, you can easily change your blade.

Although one blade is retractable, another folds in on itself, meaning you can keep yourself and those around you safe while you work. 

We feel that the KATA utility knife is practical, efficient, and affordable, and we’d have no issue recommending it to anyone looking for a quality, cost-effective carpet knife! 


Although linoleum knives aren’t exclusively designed to cut carpets, they do a fantastic job.

That’s why we’ve received another linoleum knife by Allway tools! 

With that infamous hook head design and a super-sharp carbon steel blade, you can tell straight off the bat that this tool is built to last.

Its hardwood handle is slightly ribbed to offer a comfortable grip, and we found its blade incredibly secure, even when cutting tough materials. 

Like most linoleum knives, you’ll need to sharpen this yourself.

However, sharpening takes just a few minutes and doesn’t need to be done often.

Its super sharp point works wonders when cutting through carpets and other floorings (Also check out How To Deal With Squeaky Floors Under Your Carpets), and we found this to be an effective, cost-effective tool to get the job done! 


If you loved our last crain product, you’ll love the 732 extra grip utility knife. 

As the name suggests, this knife features plenty of finer contours for better grip, and it pivots open quickly, making it easy to use, even with just one hand.

Like most good knives, you can store extra blades in the body and change to a fresh blade with just the click of a button. 

It may be small, but this knife is super powerful.

Although we’d recommend using something larger for more intense carpentry, this knife is excellent for quick, intense jobs that need a precise cut. 


We’re all about comfort and attractive designs.

If you are, too, check out this heavy-duty knife from Rapid Edge. 

Made from alloy steel, this knife features serrated blades to distribute friction, a contoured metal handle for comfort, and some built-in standout accessories, including its string cutter notch, which is great for trimming twine and wire. 

Of course, this knife also performs exceptionally as a carpet knife.

It's super sharp and ergonomic, and its retractable design makes it easy to change blades.

There’s nothing we’d change about this knife, and it’s an exceptional tool to have in your arsenal! 


Looking for something compact, precise, lightweight, and affordable? Take a look at this utility knife by Berkling. 

This knife features a textured handle, aluminum body, belt clip, reliable security lock, and convenient quick-release mechanism.

It also comes with an extra set of 10 blades to save you cash in the long run! 

Each blade is made from SK2H hardened steel with a laser-sharpened edge.

In other words, there’s almost nothing this utility knife can’t handle.

It’s exceptionally sharp, tightly fitted, and comfortable to handle - even the toughest of jobs feel like a breeze with this knife! 


If none of our products have caught your eye yet, this utility knife by Spec Ops might do the trick. 

With a curved, gripped handle, retractable blade, an attractive black and tan design, and an extra five blades, this utility knife is built to last.

Plus, 3% of every purchase is donated to veterans, so you’ll be supporting a great cause! 

Its reinforced handle is super shock absorbing, and its blade is retracted with just the push of a button.

What’s more, this knife also features an integrated strap cutter, which is perfect for cutting string, harsh strips of plastic, and more. 

Although this utility knife struggled with thicker flooring sections, it offered smooth cuts on most of our excess carpet.

However, if you’re cutting thicker sections, ensure you’re using a new blade for more precise cuts. 


Last but not least, we have the Kutir retractable utility knife.

According to Kutir, this knife is 3x sharper than the average utility knife, and we’d have to agree! Its edges also stay sharper for longer, making this knife a great investment for regular DIYers. 

This retractable knife also features a super safe auto lock to protect your blades (and your hands), a contoured handle to protect against fatigue, a snapper to remove blades safely, and it can handle up to 40kg of force! 

You’ll also get four extra blades when yours eventually dulls (which won’t be any time soon), making this ideal for anyone who needs a new multipurpose knife that can not only handle carpet but also tougher materials! 

The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to renovate your home and fit some new carpet, having the right tools in your box is essential.

A quality carpet knife is one of the most important tools you’ll ever own, so if you’re ready to make a worthwhile investment, take a browse through our roundup of the best 22 carpet knives and find the right tool for you! 

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