Dos & Don’ts Of Putting Rugs On Carpet

When it comes to the rules and advice on how you should be decorating your home, you’ll often find that rules can be a little… vague.

Not everything building-wise, of course. There are good reasons that we have rules and regulations for home design and building standards, after all!

Dos & Don’ts Of Putting Rugs On Carpet

Rather, when it comes to many of the dos and don’ts of interior design, the lines tend to be a little blurred. Take, for example, rugs and carpets.

Both of these floor furnishings are very popular to include in your home. But how should they be arranged when being used in the same room or together? Should it even be done, and you should stick to one or the other?

Well, that’s what we’ll explain in this little guide we have put together!

Can You Put An Area Rug Over Your Carpet Floor?

Well, there is nothing physically stopping you from using an area rug in your carpeted rooms. (Well, except maybe an awkward wall or room design, but you get our point!)

In terms of interior design, decoration is an incredibly subjective area that is personal to each individual, very much like an art form.

As such, the final say will likely fall on whoever owns the property, such as a landlord if you are renting, or simply yourself if you have bought it.

Why Use A Rug In A Carpeted Room?

There are plenty of reasons that you may want to add a rug to a room that already has a wall-to-wall carpet.

Rugs & Renters

For starters, rugs are a very popular decoration for renters to use, as it gives a personal touch to a living space that they may not otherwise be covered for when it comes to tampering with the property’s design.

Hiding Older Carpets

Not only that, but a rug is a good short-term decoration solution if you notice that parts or sections of your carpet are starting to look a little worn out.

When you can’t immediately start making plans to address this decorative issue, a rug is a sound stop-gap measure for keeping your space presentable until you can come up with a more permanent solution.

Personal Style

And of course, some people simply love the style options that using both rugs and carpets opens up for them!

As we said, interior design can be very subjective, and some people just want more decorative tools to work with (You might want to check out What Is The Use Of A Carpet Z Bar?).

Dos and Don’ts Of Rugs & Carpets

Dos and Don'ts Of Rugs & Carpets

So, as we have established, rugs can be put to good use in a wall-to-wall carpet space. However, there are a few general principles (not hard rules) when it comes to using both of these features in your own home.

Texture Variety

This is a big one when it comes to designing your space.

One of the biggest pluses about both carpets and rugs is that they can come in a variety of materials, textures, and colors for you to pick and choose from.

So, having not only the same color for both of these furnishings, as well as the same texture, seems like a wasted opportunity for what is possible in the space.

Many people often opt for a short, dense carpet underneath, whilst having a longer and more luxurious rug on top, but this is by no means a universal rule.

So long as there is a little variety in how these two surfaces feel to touch and walk on, you’ll be solid.

Rug Ripples

Depending on the materials you choose for your rugs and carpets (Check out Carpets Vs Rugs: Which Is The Best Choice?), you may find that your rug slips and moves easily over your carpet, creating ripples in the design.

This doesn’t just look messy, but it can also be a pretty serious tripping hazard when not paying attention to it. So, make sure that you find a way to anchor your rug down along your carpet to avoid this!

Appropriately Sized Rug

This seems obvious, and that’s because it is. You don’t want a rug that is bigger or longer than your carpeted room, of course!

However, the reverse is also true. Having a small rug that just ‘floats’ in the middle of the room can create a weird effect on the aesthetic of a room.

It will look a little awkward like you felt that something ‘should’ be in that negative space, and simply slapped a rug on the floor, and called it a day.

We’re not saying that it will look slap-dashed or lazy… but it is kind of implied. So, make sure that you have accurate measurements for your room before deciding on rug size.

It should feel like a deliberate inclusion to a room, rather than a decoration for decoration’s sake.

No Patterns On Patterns

Part of the purpose of patterns, both for rugs and carpets, is that they create a sense of flow in your room that encourages a viewer’s eyes to follow it to other items in the room.

Having a pattern on both the rug AND carpet can mess with this visual design language, and just become disorientating to look at.

Although you can get away with an unpatterned rug on an unpatterned or patterned carpet, try and only use a patterned rug if your carpet is smooth or unpatterned.

Final Thoughts

Those are just some of our thoughts about rugs on carpets. Now, design away!

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