Is Plush Pile Carpet Suitable For You?

It is understandable that as a regular homeowner you are not exactly an expert when it comes to carpets. 

Is Plush Pile Carpet Suitable For You?

It is highly unlikely that you will change a carpet every year that you now have some knowledge on the different carpet cuts.

Infact, because a carpet does not need to be changed for at least ten whole years, there could be a chance that you have never even had to experience changing a carpet before – unless you have moved into a new home and wanted to get rid of that 70s disaster on the floor.

Even so, when it comes to carpets, you do generally know what you want: comfort and style. In this article we shall be looking at plush pile carpets, and whether it is suitable for you. 

Plush carpets are also known as Saxony, however, no matter which name you hear, the only real difference is the name. Otherwise, plush pile carpet is a type of cut-pile. 

So, let’s get to it!

What Does It Mean By A Plush Pile Carpet?

A plush pile carpet is a cut-pile style of carpet that has its yarns cut to the same exact measurement as each other to make it uniform. 

This also means that the yarns in the carpet are tightly packed together. The final result is a carpet which looks like it has a velvet-like finish which is smooth and formal. 

The pile on the carpet is known to be short. Because the yarn is so densely packed against each other, the carpet also appears to look thicker.

This can give off the impression that the carpet feels wonderful underfoot too.

While both plush and Saxony are often used for one another, some experts do state that the latter has some extra twists and turns within the yarn to create a higher pile length. 

However, most of the time both are used in an interchangeable manner. If you are confused, always ask!

What Are The Different Textures Of Plush Pile Carpets?

One thing you will need to understand when it comes to plush pile carpets is the two different textures. These are textured and straight.

When it comes to a textured plush pile carpet, the strands are twisted into different shapes and directions. The overall appearance is not very smooth, but this allows vacuum marks and footprints not to be as visible.

Straight plush pile carpets mean that all of the fibers are facing the exact same direction. This causes the carpet to appear velvet-like and smooth.

To understand what it may be like, if you sweep a hand across the carpet, you may get a darker or lighter color.

This means that vacuum tracks and footprints will show quite obviously. 

Is Plush Pile Carpet Suitable For You?

What Are The Benefits Of A Plush Pile Carpet?

There are many positives to choosing a plush pile carpet. For instance, a plush pile carpet has a classic and timeless look, while also appearing quite modern. This makes it useful to have in the home.

It is also a type of carpet which is quite durable too. This means that so long as you look after the carpet, it will last for a very long time without the need to change it within a couple of years.

Because of the way the yarn is tightly packed together, the colors look precise and smooth too. Dark blues and deep greens look beautiful on the floor. 

Are There Negatives To A Plush Pile Carpet?

One of the biggest negatives of a plush pile carpet is the fact you can see marks within the carpet from the likes of the vacuum and feet. Some people find this takes away the ‘clean look’ of the room. 

This means that if you want to put a plush pile carpet in an area with high foot traffic, it may not be a carpet that is suitable for you.

However if you are putting the carpet in a cozy room that does not get much footfall, then it will be a great choice of carpet cut.

Another negative to plush pile carpet is the durability. While it is durable (as stated above), it is still not as durable as the likes of a Berber or closed-loop style of carpet. 

Any cut-pile carpet loses some form of durability due to its softness. Once the softness is added, it means it begins to lack strength and durability. 

So, if you do want to add a carpet to an area with a lot of footfall, go for something like a Berber carpet. 

Lastly, plush pile carpet can be rather difficult to keep in good condition and clean. Because the yarns are packed closely together, they trap liquid and debris a lot more easily than other types of carpets.

If you have children or pets, you may not want to add this carpet to somewhere like a living room or a child’s bedroom.

However, in a master bedroom where you are likely to not wear any shoes or knock over a drink, then a plush pile carpet would be a great option. 

Final Thoughts

A plush pile carpet is a great choice if you are looking for a timeless look that is soft underfoot. It is also an easy carpet to clean, and can last for years if looked after properly.

However, if you are thinking about having a plush pile carpet, you will want to make sure that it suits the room you are wanting to put it in.

While it does have some durability, it is likely to look worn out if placed in a high traffic area.

It can also be difficult to clean if debris from food and shoes gets matted into the tight fibers, or a drink is spilled onto the carpet.

For this reason, you may want to consider using it in a cozy room or a master bedroom – somewhere children and pets will not venture into often, if at all. This way, it can look beautiful all year round. 

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