How To Choose The Perfect Carpet: The Ultimate Guide

There is no getting around the fact that buying carpets for your house can be quite a hefty investment, and because of this, you will want to make sure that you are going to get the perfect carpet for you.

Getting a carpet fitted and all set just for you to realize a major issue with it is incredibly frustrating, this is why you will want to make some important considerations before buying and installing your carpet.

How To Choose The Perfect Carpet: The Ultimate Guide

These considerations do not take much time, and few of them will require that much effort, but if you dedicate yourself to making these considerations, you will ensure that you are making an informed decision and you will not get stuck with a carpet which you hate.

So, if you are worried about getting a carpet which will not suit your house, but you are not sure which considerations you should be making, keep reading!

Tips For Picking The Best Carpet For You

Consider The Padding

The padding of your carpet will directly impact how comfortable your carpet is, and since you want carpet to ideally be comfortable under your bare feet, this is not something you should avoid considering.

Also, if your carpet is not sufficiently padded, the wear and tear will start to show very early which is something you will want to avoid.

The padding in your carpet will also help with the insulation in your house, so if your house tends to be too hot or too cold, you can help control this with your carpet choice.

Consider Multiple Styles Of Carpet

There are many different types of carpet which are available like; Saxony, Berber, plush, frieze, textured, etc. and these all vary greatly and will affect the feel of your carpet greatly.

These all have quite a distinct look as well so you will want to make sure that they will match the look of the room which they are going in.

You also want to consider how high traffic a room will be, as well as if any pets will be in a room.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

You will always be able to find a carpet which will be good for your home if you set a sufficient budget, but you may have to compromise depending on how tight that budget is.

The main consideration when choosing a carpet with budget in mind is the function of the carpet.

If you want a comfy and cozy carpet for a bedroom, you may have to sacrifice its durability, and if you want a more durable carpet, you may have to sacrifice its aesthetic more so, so make sure to keep your priorities in mind.

Carefully Research The Provider

You will want to ensure that the provider of your carpet can be trusted and that you are not getting a bad deal.

The best way to do this is to look up reviews of the company which is providing your carpet on websites which are not controlled by the company.

Manufacturers are very easily able to manipulate reviews on their own website, so make sure this is not the only source which you are using.

Keep In Mind How To Maintain The Carpet

You may find a carpet in your price range which looks amazing and is durable enough for the room you want to put it in, but something which is often overlooked is how easy it is going to be to look after this carpet and keep it in a good condition.

If this task is too hard or takes too much time, you will quickly come to regret your choice in carpet and will want to change it.

So make sure that your carpet can easily be cleaned using tools and products you already use. Also make sure that your carpet will not shed too much as this is also a pain to clean!

Keep An Eye Out For Warranties

Especially if you are a little unsure about your choice, you will want to look out for a good warranty to come with your carpet, especially if it is in a high traffic room.

These will give you something to fall back on if you regret your choice or have any accidents.

The longer and fuller coverage the warranty the better, but occasionally these might cost extra or come in the form of insurance.

Remember The Color And Patterns

Of course, you want to keep the aesthetic of your carpet in mind and you will want it to match the decor which is in the room already.

If you choose a color or pattern which will easily clash, you will soon come to regret your decision.

Also consider that you may want to redecorate your room, so making a bold choice might seem good at the time, but may feel limiting when you decide you want to redecorate.

Being Green

If you have a slightly higher budget, you may want to consider making sure that your carpet is coming from an ethically produced source, as well as being environmentally friendly.

If you make these considerations you can ensure that your carpet is not the result of any exploitative labor as some of them can be.

This may end up costing a little more, but will help improve practices when producing goods like these.

Carpet Or Area Rugs?

Finally, some rooms will better suit a large area rug on a hard floor instead of a whole carpet (Check out Carpets Vs Rugs: Which Is The Best Choice?).

Of course sometimes you are sure you want a carpet, but when you consider how much easier it can be to clean an area rug, some people are convinced to make the switch.


Hopefully the advice in this guide has given you the confidence you need to make an informed decision when it comes to your carpet choice.

If you go through each of these points and consider each of them when choosing a carpet, you are much less likely to regret your decision.

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