How To Wash Ruggable

Rugs can look so stylish in our homes, and feel oh so soft under our feet, but they are a bit of a nightmare to clean.

This is particularly true if you have a fluffy, high pile rug, as it’ll need to be hand washed and dried when it gets dirty.

How To Wash Ruggable

Other than that, you’ll just have to either spot clean your rug whenever possible, or pay for it to be professionally cleaned and dried. 

This is where Ruggable comes in handy. This company offers child and dog friendly machine washable rugs that can be easily washed and dried in your appliances at home. It takes all of the stress away!

What Is Ruggable?

Ruggable is an innovative rug brand that sells rugs, runners and doormats. These rugs are different from others, as they are sold as a 2 piece. The bottom layer is slip resistant, and this attaches to the patterned, removable top layer.

When it is time to clean, you simply have to just remove the top layer of the rug, and put it in your washing machine to get rid of any stains (You might want to check out How To Get Ink Out Of Carpet), marks, dirt and debris. 

Ruggable rugs are also water resistant and stain resistant, making them some of the best and easiest to use rugs currently available on the market.

These rugs also come in an array of patterns, sizes, and colors, with each one still being machine washable. 

Ruggable’s popularity has also meant that this company does rug collaborations with big names such as Disney, Star Wars, Anna Sui, Jonathan Alder, and more! There really is a Ruggable rug for every home. 

Can You Put Ruggable In The Washing Machine?

Yes, you can put Ruggable rugs in the washing machine, as this is one of the main appeals of purchasing a Ruggable rug over more traditional rugs.

These rugs are specifically designed to be washed and cleaned in a washing machine and dryer. 

Ruggable rugs have a top layer that can be removed from the anti-slip bottom and placed in the washing machine. All Ruggable covers that are sold can fit in a regular washing machine. 

How To Wash Ruggable

How To Wash Ruggable

For the majority of Ruggable rugs, you are going to want to machine wash them on a delicate cycle, using a low temperature and a mild non bleach detergent.

This can ensure you do not damage the rug fibers, or the pattern of the rug cover. 

Chenille Ruggable

  1. First, remove the dirty rug cover from the rug pad underneath, and place it inside your washing machine with the patterned side facing outwards.
  2. Then, machine on a cold water or delicate cycle with a mild non bleach detergent.
  3. Once the cycle is completed, dry on a low temperature or air dry while hanging.

Jute Ruggable

  1. For Jute Ruggable rugs, first remove any debris or dust accumulated with a vacuum or brush carefully so that the fibers are not damaged.
  2. Next, take the rug cover off the top, and place it in the washer with the design facing outwards.
  3. Then, machine wash on a delicate cycle with a very mild non bleach washing detergent. 
  4. Hang out to dry. 

Shag Ruggable

  1. Take off the soiled rug cover and place in the washing machine with the pile facing outwards.
  2. Next, machine wash on a delicate cycle in cold water and a mild non bleach detergent.
  3. Then, tumble dry on a low temperature or air fluff setting, or hang out to air dry so that the pile does not get damaged.
  4. Finally, use your fingers to comb through the fluff and fluff up the shag fibers. 

Plush Ruggable

  1. Firstly, take off the dirty rug cover from your Ruggable rug and place it in the washer with the pile side up.
  2. Then, machine wash on cold water setting or delicate cycle with a mild, non bleach detergent. 
  3. Hand dry or tumble dry on a very low heat setting to protect fibers. 

If your Ruggable rug is stained, then it is best to use white vinegar on the affected area. Work it into the fabric and leave it to rest before washing as normal in the washing machine. 

How Long Does It Take For Ruggable To Dry?

How long it takes for your Ruggable rug to dry depends on a few factors. For instance, as you can imagine, the larger the rug cover is, the longer it will take to dry. It also depends on the conditions in which it dries. 

For instance, if you live in a warm climate, you could hang your Ruggable rug out to dry and it should dry in a matter of hours, but if you hang it to dry inside of your home it would take a lot longer. 

We would say that after around one to two days all Ruggable rugs should be dried out. However, depending on the size, you could dry your Ruggable rug in your dryer. 

Can You Put Ruggable In A Top Loader Washing Machine?

Yes, you can put your Ruggable rug top cover in a top loader washing machine.

Ruggable rugs can be washed in both top loading washing machines, front loading washing machines and washer dryer combinations.

However, you should check your washing machine load capacity before adding your Ruggable rug, as it could be too large. 

Can You Put Ruggable Rugs In The Dryer?

Yes, you can put your Ruggable rugs in the tumble dryer. The best way to do this is to use a delicate setting, or the air fluff setting on your dryer if you have one.

It should also be used on a very low heat setting if possible, as high temperatures could damage the fibers of the rug during the washing and drying process. 


To summarize, keeping your rug clean has never been easier with Ruggable rugs. These rugs have top covers that can simply be removed and washed in your washing machine.

As long as you use a gentle, delicate setting and a non abrasive or non bleach detergent, your Ruggable rug can stay fluffy, fresh and clean for much longer!

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